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Roofing Tensile Structure

Roof is the essence of any construction. Whether they are industrial, commercial or institutional, nothing is of use without a roof over its head. Tensile roof structures are referred to individual’s roofs which derive their strength from tension force. They are also made of tensile fabrics or may engage fabric coatings over the existing ones. In most possibility, it’s the former.

While designing or looking for tensile roof structures, the main factors which are at play are the flexibility to weather and durability. In some situations, elasticity and aesthetics are also careful. But in all situations, they remain secondary factors. The intelligibility or light transmitting property of fabrics being used to construct tensile roofing structures is also kept in mind. If the demand is for brilliantly lit roofs, fabrics allow more lights to transmit through them are favored.

Tensile Structure
Tensile Structure in India